Buying insurance can be a drag, especially when all you get is a few sheets of paper for hundreds of dollars. Here at DECO Insurance Agency, we make the experience a little less painful. We are committed to providing you with more than just a piece of paper, rather the support and customer service when you need it. With over 10 years of insurance experience DECO Insurance Agency can properly assess your needs, whether its Auto insurance or home insurance, or protecting your family with health insurance or life insurance or even protecting your small business with General Liability Insurance, Commercial Auto Insurance or Work Comp Insurance, we will get you covered in MIssouri.

We use the most current software to search top rated insurance companies to find the best rate to fit your needs in Missouri. This technology allows us to compare prices and provide you options customized just for you. Our mission is to protect your assets, not drain them with high insurance premiums in Missouri.

We service the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri in some of these towns:  Laurie missouri, Sunrise Beach Missouri, Camdenton Missouri, Versailles Missouri, Osage Beach Missouri, Lake Ozark Missouri.

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now at 573.207.0225 to speak with a professional insurance representative and receive a free insurance quote today!

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Why Choose DECO Insurance Agency Insurance?
  • Low Cost Auto, Home, Business, Life and Health Insurance! - with the ability to quote & write for multiple MO insurance companies, we're always competitive in MO.
  • Quality Service! - Our old fashion approach to quality service and the added advantage of having a licensed agent on your side will keep you a happy customer.
  • Comparative Car Insurance Quotes! - With our Online Auto Insurance Rater we'll quickly be able to provide rates for multiple 'A' rated carriers, giving you the ability to save time and money on your auto insurance.
  • Cheap Car Insurance Rates for All! - as authorized producers of multiple car insurance companies, we can find anyone low rates! We even offer cheap auto insurance quotes on high risk insurance, young driver insurance, Drivers with DUI's, MO SR22 Insurance, non owner insurance & liability auto insurance!
  • Licensed Agents - Our entire staff is licensed by the MO Department of Insurance and are experts in auto insurance. We can help in all stages of your auto insurance policy, from quoting, to purchasing, to servicing.. we're always just a phone call away.
  • Instant Quotes! - Get Instant Quotes Online or by Calling 573.207.0225!



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